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NetVoiceNow Testimonials

OK…so I was a huge skeptic.  I had known of VoIP from previous bouts with Vonage at home and was not impressed.  When NetVoiceNow discussed the option with me, I needed to be convinced.  How much would the equipment cost, how difficult would the installation be, how good was the quality of the voice calls, how feature rich would the system really be?  These were my concerns.  After the trial period I have to say I am blown away.  Because my phone equipment was old and needed replacement, I needed a solution but I didn't want to spend a lot of upfront money. The upfront cost for equipment, set up, installation AND training was a mere faction of replacing my PBX with an new traditional system.   Quite honestly, this was one of the biggest factors for me.  I avoided a major investment that would be out of date as soon as it was installed.  And the hosted PBX features provided more than what I was getting through AT&T.  The voice quality is excellent and the phones are great.  I have gone from a huge skeptic to a fanatic supporter!

-Joe Armenio, President Sudler Building Services

NetVoiceNow came into our offices, looked at the entire communications environment and quickly gave us a solution that replaced an outdated and non-functioning telephone system.  Being a non-profit, it is extremely important to have a well functioning, low cost way of communicating.  We achieved cost saving of 50% over our previous system and enjoy more features than we had before.   And, It is great to have one vendor take care of the entire process from start to finish, even provide personalized training.

-Bernard Cherkasov, CEO Equality Illinois

We have saved 52% of the cost off of our telephone bills while still using the same PBX so the transition to VoIP has been completely transparent to phone users and callers.  And with small up front costs for the entire system, payback on the investment was 3 months.  Net Voice Now handled everything from savings analysis, to equipment set up, installation, programming and training.   And having NetVoiceNow super fast support available to me is icing on the cake.  Outsourcing customer service is something I can't stand and I think that most people would agree with me on that one. I just get frustrated when I speak with an outsourced representative. It makes me feel that the company that I am paying for service with just doesn’t care for their customers.  With NetVoiceNow support is local and quick.  

-Isela Gasper, Property Manager, Haberdasher Square Lofts